Family Goals

  1. Menu Plan and buy in bulk
  2. Cook all of our food from scratch
  3. Develop the “Daily Bread” habit
  4. Reduce dependence on microwave and electrical appliances.
  5. Reduce our Global Footprint.
  6. Use the cast iron skillet more
  7. Learn to knit.
  8. Start crocheting again.
  9. Find land.
  10. Increase savings for land and house.
  11. Learn to sprout.
  12. Buy indoor food plants.
  13. Plan a strawbale house.
  14. Research permaculture.
  15. Commit to handmade gifts from now on.
  16. Learn more about local food and work on reducing our food miles
  17. Canning
  18. Dehydrating
  19. Freezing
  20. Pickling
  21. Soapmaking
  22. Get a worm bin.
  23. Get our VHS collection moved to DVDs!
  24. Declutter, declutter, declutter.

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